Guide for submitting the presentation file:

  • Maximum in 20 slides
  • The presentation must be in English.
  • The title page should include: the title of the article, the full name of the authors (the name of the main author is marked with an asterisk and the name of the presenter is underlined), the name and address of the university or institution
  • The main text of the presentation should include introduction, methodology, results and discussion and sources.
  • The submitted file should be in pdf format and less than 40MB.
  • The name of the submitted file is the code of the article.

Presentation Type (Times New Roman 13)
Poster Preferred
Scope (Times New Roman 13)
Aquatic animal disease
Abstract Title (Times New Roman 13)
Assessment of Amphibian Risks in Wetlands Containing Elevated Metal Concentrations
Authors (Times New Roman 12)
R.N. Hull1*, C.E. Moore1, L.J. Marshall2, N. Ackeray1
1Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Alberta, Canada (Times New Roman 11)
*corresponding e-mail:…………. (Times New Roman 10)